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club AdivaHK是一個專為所有 Adiva車主而設的非牟利車會團體,是經由一班有共同理念和熱愛服務他人的 Adiva車主组成,義務地投放個人資源去開發和管理所需要的運作平台。







club AdivaHK is a non-profit organization for a group of Adiva owners, which is hosted, facilitated and organized by a group of administrators, who are willing to serve the club on voluntary basis with no remuneration, and have voluntarily invested their resources in creating and maintaining the platforms.

The purpose is to gather a group of like-minded Adiva owners to co-operate, enjoy and share their driving fun and experience that help enrich each others' friendship and driving knowledge positively.
Regardless of gender, driving experience or religious background, all current legitimate Adiva owners are welcome to apply for membership as long as they agree to the terms / rules & pass the screening process set forth by the club.

This Club emphasizes courtesy and respect for one another; therefore, AdivaHK requires all members to respect drivers of all kinds of vehicles, legitimate driving clubs, law enforcement officers and agencies; and to comply with Hong Kong laws.

Note: Being a non-profit organization, AdivaHK charges no annual membership fee currently and the club will strive to keep the membership free. However, in order to balance the necessary expenses against the on-going operation, the implementation of a membership fee will be evaluated annually. All costs or fees incurred for any club activities will be shared by those participated members and/or by donation.









O U R   M I S S I O N  

本 會 成 立 宗 旨



1 - to create a positive and wholesome recreational riding environment, where Adiva members may share and exchange their riding experiences, DIY idea, info. and latest news among the members.

2 - to provide a recording & servicing platform that will keep tracks of our fun moments & DIY sharing as well as provide club members with services, such as booking (for servicing) with dealer & servicing recording.

3 - to act as a conduit to relay information and technology from dealer/manufacturer to club members.

4 - to collect feedback and comments from club members and pass on to the dealer and the manufacturer so as to cultivate a cordial and cooperative relationship.

1 - 透過車會所提供的交流平台和定期舉辦車會活動,給予會員一個可以一齊分享和交流有關Adiva的知識及駕駛經歷等樂趣的機會。

2 - 提供一個有效的服務和記錄系統平台,方便記錄活動的開心花絮,技術分享,以及為車主與代理之間作維修預約,和維修記錄等服務。

3 - 藉着本會系統平台,將香港代理及廠商的有關資料及技術,有效率地發佈給各會員(知識)。

4 - 也透過車會所收集到各會員的意見和記錄,反映給香港代理及廠商知悉及跟進。以便車主與代理、廠商之間的關係更加密切及良好。














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