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AdivaHK 是甚麼?
這是個俱樂部,團體,網站,社交平台,資源,是一個因著大家擁有 Adiva 三輪電單車,而彼此分享意見的地方。


what is AdivaHK?

it is a club, a community, a web site, a social platform, a resource, a place where ideas are shared between a group of people who have one thing in common: the Adiva tricycle.


Adiva HK 又不是甚麼?
AdivaHK 並非牟利組織,也並非給予任何人或會員去招攬生意或賺取私利的地方。這裡也並非用作欺負別人或展現個人主義的平台。因此管理 AdivaHK 只有數名創會成員,並無主席或任何階級之分。


what AdivaHK is NOT

this is not a for-profit organization, nor a place for any persons, members or otherwise, to conduct business for personal gain.

this is also not a platform to bully others or an outlet for one's egotistical needs.  that is why we only have committee members, there is no chairman, or president. 


AdivaHK 與原有的 “Adiva Hong Kong Owners Club” 背後的故事是甚麼?
“Adiva HK Owners Club” 於2015年3月由一班 Adiva車主組成並選出9名委員。因為是個即興的組織,所以沒有正式的架構或統一的原則或理念,委員因此就車會的運作持有不同甚至矛盾意見。部份觀點相同的委員便與其他熱心貢獻的車主組成 AdivaHK.


what is the story behind the old "Adiva Hong Kong Owners Club" and AdivaHK?

the Adiva HK Owners Club was formed in march 2015 by a group of Adiva owners with 9 board members. it was an ad hoc association with no real structure nor a unifying principle or philosophy.  board members have different and conflicting visions of what the club should be, and hence, some of the board members with common goals joined with new contributors, formed AdivaHK. 






how is AdivaHK different from the old "Adiva Hong Kong Owners Club"?

1. 新 club AdivaHK 主要是正式登記註冊成為合法社團組織


1. the new club AdivaHK is registered as a society under the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong Laws.


2. 有專業的網站,有專業的內容及有專業的法規


2.  the new club has its own website that provides professional content and advices.


3. 帶領出一個具現代規模,具健康的資訊平台供 adiva 車主去分享及享用


3. the new club provides an updated platform with healthy and productive information for Adiva owners to share and enjoy.


4. 強調禮貌待人及尊重別人


4. the new club emphasizes courtesy and respect for each other.


5. 決策人員全屬義務性質,絕無商業成份及背景,以杜絕有關商業問題發生


5. all administrators of the new club serve on voluntary basis with no remuneration. This helps ensure the club not to get involved in any conflict of interest.


6. 本車會是獨立運作,但與香港代理 - 瀛車館,會有更緊密聯繫及保持良好關係和溝通以達到雙贏


6. the new club is independent from the Adiva HK dealer. But we aim to maintain a good communication channel and relationship with the HK dealer so as to create a win-win situation.


7. 將會與日本,義大利及全球 adiva club 作互動交流及分享各類資訊


7. the new club will provide interactive communications with worldwide Adiva clubs like those in Japan and Italy.


8. 舉辦定期活動,令車會會員更加融洽及團结


8. the new club will host social events for members to develop a more harmonious and amicable unity.





what benefits do you get as a member?

可以參與所有 AdivaHK 項目


invitation to all AdivaHK events



unrestricted access to all parts of our web site


including the very useful AD3 parts catalogue

可以加入我們的Facebook page


invitation to join our Facebook page




inclusion in our private email list to be informed of all club events





access to our online forum




service booking with the dealer (i.e. we book for you)




other benefits offered exclusively to our members (dealer discount etc.)

免費提供一個 AdivaHK 特製貼紙以貼在擋風玻璃(追加貼紙將收取費用)


a AdivaHK decal for you to attach to your windshield (one free to each member; additional decals available at additional cost)


你必須是 Adiva現行車主。

已訂購 Adiva但尚未付運亦可申請成為會員。


what is the criteria for membership?

we welcome ANY current owner of an adiva, or someone who has an adiva on order.  we, of course, also welcome members and board members of the old club (AHKOC) so long as they accept the terms of this club.





what is the membership fee?

there is no membership fee at this time - we plan to have the events self-funding, but this may change in the future if such need arises.





how do i sign up?

please visit our welcome page for new members





why do I need to provide personal information?

personal data is necessary because we have to ensure you are the person to enjoy our exclusive benefits in the future.





any opt out policy?

any member can simply email us at any time about his/her intention of opting out of the club without any reason.  all personal data provided will be destroyed upon confirmation.




is this club associated with adiva factory or the dealer?

no, this club is 100% owned by owner members and not connected to advia or its dealer, but we aim to have good communication with the factory and the dealer






what makes up the management of the club?

since there is no membership fee, all committee members serve on a volunteer basis with no compensation.  all committee members have lives outside of the club like jobs and families





who organizes and runs the events?

typically the committee organizes the event but any member is welcomed to take charge, organize and run an event upon formal approval of the committee





what do i do when i need service?

we ask that members fill out the service request form,

we will make the appointment with the dealer and follow up with you.




- 直接向代理商表達,或

- 向任何一位組員反映。我們會以中間人角色盡力為雙方協調化解紛爭。

我們希望你在選擇以上做法前,切勿衝動把不滿放在網上社交群組如 Whatsapp 或 Facebook等。這對解決問題毫無幫助。



what should i do if i am not happy with the dealer?

as you know, you have choices:

- you can complain to the dealer directly or

- you can talk to one of the committee members and we shall do our best to mitigate the problem as a go-between. 

we ask that you do not impulsively air out your grievance on social media like WhatsApp or Facebook without exploring these options first.  it creates negativity which is not conducive to solving problems 







how can I give suggestions or file a complaint?

you can send an email directly to the committee or the committee members individually


please click here




















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